11034 Broadway Terrace | Oakland | 94611
Architecture: Robert Nebolon Architects

Built 2003; 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 4444 square feet

Located on a heavily wooded site on the Oakland Hills Ridge overlooking San Francisco Bay, this contemporary four-bedroom home is designed to grow and adapt with the clients and their children.
The stunning views of downtown San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamalpais had to be the focus of any construction on the site. In addition, the interaction between the site and the home was well considered during the planning stage. To accomplish these objectives, the house is designed as three discrete structures that embrace the central knoll of the property in an ‘L’ structure.

The procession between these three structures is a journey from darkness to light, from limited views to wide vistas, and from compressed space to expansive volume. This succession of spaces is a reminder to the owners and visitors of the dynamic qualities of the site, with each structure intended for a distinct use. The first structure encountered upon approaching the home is the entry pavilion. Squeezed between the other two structures, this area is dark and cool, recessed into the knoll and surrounded by plantings.

The second structure is the living room pavilion. Filled with natural daylight, this is the most formal and ceremonial area of the three and is set apart and rotated slightly form the other two, aligning the aspect with Mount Tamalpais as a way to convey its ceremonial role in the homeowner’s life. The final structure, which is by far the largest, contains all the rooms and spaces required for every day living, and has a strong connection to the terrace and the views.

A strong connection to the yard was a key consideration, so that children can come and go as they please but still be under the parent’s watchful eye. Two bedrooms located on the lowest floor of the home was also important, placed for when the children become teenagers and transitional spaces are necessary.

With environmental considerations also accounted for, many sustainable features have been closely integrated into the architecture. The three discrete buildings that comprise the home each create distinct thermal zones and can be shut down independent of one another. The house is also designed to take advantage of afternoon breezes for ventilation, while large openings between floors allow easy passage for cooling breezes and for warm air to escape easily by natural means. Large cantilevered trellises and eaves protect the home from passive solar gain and provide shelter for more sensitive plants.

The exterior materials were selected to highlight the special qualities of the Bay Area, such as rough boards and rough stucco, which have a beautiful and rich appearance in the Bay Area daylight. Overall this home is stunning, unique, and ideal for family living; a comfortable dwelling that will grow as the owners do.

The Broadway Terrace house has been featured in “Design for Living” Magazine, and “Diablo” Magazine.  The house is featured in two international architecture design books: “Architecture of Low Energy” by Phoenix Publishing (ISBN: 978-988-16527-5-1), and “Houses Designed for Families” by Think Publishing (ISBN: 978-0-9872656-0-9).  Both books will be distributed in China, Japan, Australia, North America, Europe, and through Amazon books.

Photography by David Duncan Livingston


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